Tama pow

An OTH equiped on a Type-97 Fubuki

The 1200mm OTH (Over-the-Horizon) Cannon is a prototype weapons system built upon the combat doctrine of assaulting BETA Hives from extreme ranges, keeping artillery support out of the reach of the BETA. Essentially a massive, TSF-portable artillery piece, the 1200mm OTH Cannon has no tracking systems beyond line-of-sight or a pilot's intuition, and relies on an additional sighting device, forward observation equipment, orbital satellite data, or other similar equipment to provide reliable firing data.

The cannon system accelerates a shell to hypersonic velocities, allowing it to reach up to 500km in range. The 1200mm shells fired also utilize sequential ignition with inbuilt firing charges, allowing the bullet to gain speed as it travels the length of the cannon's barrel. However, the firing exerts a large amount of stress on the barrel, and three shots are all that it can manage in a short period of time before overheating.


The 1200mm OTH Cannon was used once by Tamase Miki in the events of Muv-Luv Unlimited to shoot down a runaway HSST that was heading for Yokohama Base. It does not appear in Alternative or The Day After.

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