TSFs of the 16th Guard Battalion at the Battle of Sadogashima.

The Empire of Japan's 16th Guards Battalion of the Imperial Royal Guard is a TSF unit of the Royal Guards. Apart from being some of the first troops to have deployed the Type-00 Takemikazuchi, pilots of the 16th Guards Battalion are regarded as the best of the best by their peers, and the unit as a whole acts as a training unit[1] not unlike the IJA/MDF's Fuji Tactical Fighter Training Group.

In 1998, the 16th Guard Battalion acted as the rearguard for Imperial Japanese forces stationed in Kyoto, executing missions against the BETA until all forces had retreated. By the end of the 1998 BETA Invasion of Japan, the 16th Guard Battalion had only 8 TSFs left due to battlefield attrition; using eishi from the 2nd Guard Regiment, the ranks of the 16th were refilled, and the unit was quickly re-organized as a frontline Royal Guard unit to be ready for re-activation with new TSFs by 2000.[2]

Prior to their combat action in 1998, the battalion operated Type-82 Zuikakus. As of 2001, the 16th Guard Battalion operates Type-00 Takemikazuchis. While they are usually deployed alongside the 2nd Guard Regiment in Kyoto as security forces for the Shogunate, it is not uncommon for the battalion to take a more active role in combat operations.

Operation DatesEdit

  • ~ August, 1998: The 16th Guard Battalion are deployed in a multitude of missions to allow friendly forces to retreat from Kyoto.
  • 14th August, 1998: As the final rearguard unit for all Imperial forces stationed in Kyoto, the 16th Guards Battalion initiated one final Laser-suppression mission to allow all forces to evacuate. Despite taking heavy losses, the 16th Guard Battalion completed their mission and retreated successfully.
  • Early 2001: The 16th Guard Battalion were assigned to Kyoto as guard units, alongside the 2nd Guard Regiment.
  • 5th December, 2001: Units stationed at Kyoto were hit by Imperial Army insurgents, led by Captain Sagiri Naoya of the 1st Tactical Armor Regiment, when they tried to secure the Imperial Palace in a first-strike attempt during the opening of the 12/5 Incident. They later surrounded the Imperial Capital alongside friendly Royal Guard troops, and engaged insurgent forces.
  • 25th December 2001: The 16th Guard Battalion, with the 19th Independent Guard Flight under their local command, took to the frontlines to secure the retreat of the 133rd Imperial Army Regiment and the rest of Whiskey Unit during Operation 21st. After the retreat, the 16th Guard Battalion continued combat operations against the BETA until the evacuation order was given.


Battalion CommanderEdit


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