The Type-94 Shiranui is the 1st Tactical Armor Regiment's primary TSF.

The Empire of Japan's 1st Tactical Armor Regiment is a unit under the 1st Capital Defence Division, a military unit of the IJMDF's homeland defence divisions. Tasked with the protection of Kyoto, the 1st Tactical Armor Regiment is an elite unit staffed with skilled pilots for the purpose of ensuring the safety of the reclaimed capital of the Empire.

The unit's operational history differs between the Alternative and Unlimited/The Day After universes. In Alternative, the 1st Tactical Armor Regiment successfully initiated the 12/5 Incident but suffered heavy losses due to US Army technology and equal enemy numbers, and eventually surrendered after the death of their commanding officer, Captain Sagiri Naoya.

While the unit does not make an appearance in Unlimited, the 1st Tactical Armor Regiment continues to exist in The Day After as the primary TSF force of the Empire of Japan territory in Seattle.

Operational HistoryEdit


  • 5th/6th December, 2001: Clashes against IJA/MDF, Royal Guard, UN 11th Force, and US Army forces in a violent coup d'état that aimed to restore power to the Empire's Shogunate. Initially holding the advantage due to pilot skill and the element of surprise, the 1st Tactical Armor Regiment was eventually defeated by a combination of advanced US Army technology, equal numerical odds, and after the death of their leader, an unconditional surrender.

Unlimited/The Day AfterEdit

  • ~October, 2005: Skirmishes against a force of BETA at the west border of Seattle.
  • 18th October, 2005: Defends Seattle alongside allied US forces.
  • 23rd December, 2005: Fights insurgents at the Seattle Food Plant. The attack is successful, but pursuit of the enemy is taken over by the US Army's 66th Tactical Armored Battalion Hunter.
  • 24th December, 2005: Clashes against French/Canadian forces in a battle at the US' north border alongside US Army and Marine Corps personnel.



Unlimited/The Day AfterEdit

Commanding OfficerEdit

Her position has been given to another officer following the aftermaths of the Defence of Seattle.

1st BattalionEdit

Commanding Officer: Captain Komaki Sayoko (Pheasant Leader), Jinguuji Marimo (Previously)

2nd Squadron CraneEdit
17th Flight WardogEdit
Initially an independent squadron, the Wardogs were incorporated into the 1stTactical Armor Regiment, following the aftermaths of the Defence of Seattle. They are considered a Flight-type unit within the hierarchy of the regiment.

2nd BattalionEdit

2nd Squadron, 3rd Flight


  • Pheasant, 1st Squadron
  • Crane, 2nd Squadron
  • Wardog

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