The United Nations' 207th Training Unit is a pilot training formation that supplies trained pilots and commisioned officers to Alternative IV's military arm, Special Task Force A-01.


Established at the Imperial Army Hakuryou Base during Alternative IV's early years to train new pilot candidates for Alternative IV and Special Task Force A-01, the subsequent fall and retaking of the Japanese mainland saw the 207th Unit re-activated in the newly reconstructed Yokohama Base in 1999.

In 1996, the 207th was officially named the 207th Eishi Training School, with pilot candidates split across various training flights. By 2001, the personnel size of the 207th had fallen drastically, and on various occasions it was identified as the 207th Training Flight. During the 12/5 Incident on the 5th of December, 2001, the flight was deployed as a combat unit, where is was given the temporary designation of 207th Tactical Armored Platoon. During the XM3 Trials, the former cadets of the 207th Training Flight's second class were given the designation of A207 Flight, and split into A and B squads.

Initially operating TF-4Js, the unit switched to Type-97s for later batches of cadets.


1996 Training ClassEdit


16th Training Flight, F SquadEdit

2001 Training ClassEdit


First ClassEdit

Second ClassEdit

All at once

207B After Graduating

Kouzuki Yuuko mentioned that Squad 207B graduation was delayed due to the Squad's political importance. When Shirogane asks her about this she says their Combat Evaluation Exams were made significantly harder than everyone else's to ensure their failure.

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