Bundeswehr Huckebein 51

The 51st Tactical Armor Battalion Huckebein is a TSF unit part of the Federal Republic of Germany's Bundeswehr. They participated in numerous UN-sponsored BETA culling operations in conjunction with the East German Volksarmee in the 1980's, and many of its members developed a friendly rivalry and comradeship with members of the 666th Squadron after fighting together during Operation Neptune.

The battalion made use of the modified F-5G Freedom Fighter, for use in their fast precision strikes that were designed to minimize the losses of their pilots by maintaining a safe distance from the BETA. As part of the West's strategy, the 51st maintained an artillery recon unit that could deploy target markers inside the BETA herd, used to give accurate coordinates despite the interference from heavy metal clouds.

History Edit

To be completed.

Operational Dates Edit

1983: Participated in Operation Neptune, a major diversionary attack designed as a BETA culling operation for the former territory of Poland.

Members Edit

Mentioned/Unseen Members Edit

  • Hägendorf, Pilot.

Equipment Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The "Huckebein" name is a reference to the name of a raven from a German illustrated story, Hans Huckebein der Unglücksrabe, written in 1867 by Wilhelm Busch.
  • In Super Robot Wars, there is a mecha named the Huckebein.

Gallery Edit

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