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The United States Army's 66th Tactical Armor Battalion Hunter, based out of Anderson Base in the Territory of Guam, is a first-strike group operating F-22A Raptors and F-15E Strike Eagles. Depending on whether it is the Unlimited/The Day After or Alternative universes, the operational history of the battalion differs somewhat.

In all of their appearances, the 66th is always seen under the calm and firm leadership of Major Alfred Walken.

Operation Participation DatesEdit


  • December 5th/6th, 2001: Clashes against insurgent Imperial Army forces in the 12/5 Incident, the attempted Imperial Army overthrow of the Japanese government, and escorts the United Nations' 207th Tactical Armored Platoon out of the area. Despite being encircled, the 66th successfully fought off the insurgent attack, and managed to destroy all participating insurgents who did not surrender at the conclusion of the battle.

Unlimited/The Day AfterEdit

  • October 18th, 2005: Defends Seattle alongside Imperial Army and allied US forces.
  • December 23rd, 2005: Pursues fleeing insurgents from the Seattle Food Plant, taking over the Imperial Army's 1st Tactical Armor Regiment.
  • December 24th, 2005: Clashes against French/Canadian forces in a battle at the US' north border, reinforcing the US lines against French Rafales.
  • January 1st , 2006: Engages French forces in combat in an operation to recapture a satellite control facility.
  • ???, 2006: Takes part in the operation to neutralize the JFK Hive.



Walken leads three other pilots in direct combat. The other members of the battalion are split into squadrons and flights during combat.

A SquadronEdit

A Squadron operates four F-22As and eight F-15Es in combat.

  • Spike-1 to Spike-4

B SquadronEdit

  • Hunter-9

D SquadronEdit

  • Hunter-11

E Flight

  • Hunter-5

Unlimited/The Day AfterEdit

Personnel RosterEdit


  • The majority of the Hunters were initially voice-only characters in the Alternative visual novel. The Alternative manga introduced some of them with character protraits.

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