The Eight Border War was an event on December 24, 2004, at the US-Canada border. France's military, which had already been aiming to start a war against the US for some time, launched an attack on the day itself. Canada and the Empire of Japan, allied with the French and USA respectively, were forced into the battle in support of their respective alliances.

The battle involved the US Army, US Navy, US Marine Corps, US Air Force, the Empire of Japan's 1st Tactical Armor Regiment of the IJMDF, and later the Imperial Royal Guard, against the French Army and Canadian Army. French naval involvement in the battle was unconfirmed.

Elements of the 1st Tactical Armor Regiment, led by Matsukaze Ryouichi, were some of the first to make contact with the French/Canadian forces. Initially evenly matched, local forces were forced to fight it out in a battle of attrition, with the 66th Tactical Armored Battalion Hunter, led my Major Alfred Walken of the US Army, providing much needed reinforcements to the US/Japan alliance. The US Marines' VMF-318 Black Knives, led by Lieutenant Lilia Kjellberg, were also present during the battle.

US officials, seeking to tip the scales in their favor, immediately deployed bombers armed with nuclear warheads, with the goal of penetrating into Canadian airspace to strike directly at the French. The attack was called off only when Tatsunami Hibiki of Wardog Squadron managed to halt the fighting long enough for both sides to agree to a ceasefire, and the appearance of the Imperial Royal Guard convinced even the most war-hardened French pilot to step down.

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