The African Union is an international organization, consisting of nations located on the continent of Africa. While not as strong as the major nations and organizations, the African Union is a key strategic component in the ongoing war against the BETA, as being the last remaining continental region in close proximity to the frontlines, the lands of the African Union house various important facilities, as well as significant resources and land space.


The African Union was first formed as the Organization of African Unity, and only developed into its current form of a close-knit military alliance due to the progress of the BETA War.[1] Initially shielded from the BETA during the early years of the war, they are now the main force in holding the Suez Defence Line; the location is regarded as the cornerstone of the defence of the African continent.[1] To that end, they work closely with Egypt and the Middle Eastern Coalition in that region.[1]

Due to their proximity to the Mediterranean Sea and the European region, the African Union has also forged a close working relationship with the European Union on defence matters. Italian Navy and EU naval forces patrol the coasts of the Mediterranean, while Moroccan and Spanish forces guard the Straits of Gibraltar, and French forces cooperate closely with Algeria and Tunisia to patrol the western shores of the Mediterranean Sea.[1] The continent is also home to various manufacturing industries and national governments that have been relocated from Europe.[2]

They have also been involved in international affairs, notably providing troops during Operation Swaraj in 1992, and are in support of Alternative V.


Little is known of the African Union's internal organization, apart from their military cooperation. The African Union takes a pro-active stance in military operations, as their leaders are against the idea of leaving foreign troops in charge of frontline matters for fear of losing political clout.[1]

Armed ForcesEdit

The forces of the African Union work closely with the European Union and the Middle Eastern Union in all military matters, especially on the Suez Defence Line. Most of their hardware consist of European units such as the Mirage III and the Tornado-series. In addition, the African Union has also introduced old F-4s, F-5s, and Soviet MiG-series TSFs modified for servicability commonality with their European machines, obtained under the guise of purchasing old hardware.[1]

Currently, they also have a test flight participating in Project PROMINENCE, in partnership with French TSF manufacturer Dass-Ault to improve the performance of the Mirage 2000.

A test flight operating four modified Mirage 2000s.


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