Transport aircraft operate by the mass movement of materials from one location to another. While the presence of Laser and Heavy Laser-class BETA have restricted their operating range to far behind the frontlines, the speed and convenience that air transport offers over naval shipping and land transport, respectively, means that transport aircraft are still vital to the war effort against the BETA.

Transport AircraftEdit

Despite the threat of Laser-class BETA, transport aircraft remain an important part of every world's military; the possibilities afforded by large-scale transportation of materials via air, without the obstructions, delays, dangers, or just sheer time that a land or sea route might require, is enough incentive for these aerial behemoths to remain.

American Transport AircraftEdit

C-5 GalaxyEdit


(MLA) C-5 Galaxys offloading cargo.

A large-scale transport aircraft built by Lockweed Corporation for the US military, built to ferry supplies and heavy machinery over long distances. The new Type-94s for Special Task Force A-01 were delivered via C-5 transports to Yokohama Base.

Soviet Transport AircraftEdit



(TE An.) An-72s at the Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky Base.

A twin-turbofan light transport designed as a STOL-capable aircraft (Short Take-Off and Landing). The An-72 is still in use by the Soviet Union, providing airlift capabilities alongside heavier transports.    

An-124 RuslanEdit

An earlier model of transport aircraft preceding the later An-225, the An-124 Руслан (Ruslan) is used by the Soviet Union to transport large amounts of supplies to areas that need them.

An-225 MriyaEdit


(MLA) An-225s in flight.

A massive aerial transport craft, the An-225 Мрія (Mriya)currently holds the world's record for being able to carry the most cargo. Built by the Soviet Union and exported to willing customers all over the world, the An-225 has built a reputation for itself in its area of expertise. With the capability to mount a Re-entry Cargo Shell on its back, this has allowed the An-225 to function as a long-ranged airborne transport of TSFs.
Several An-225s of the IJMDF were used by Captain Sagiri Naoya of the 1st Tactical Armor Regiment during the 12/5 Incident, in a daring maneuver to airdrop his troops straight into the combat zone.

Japanese Transport AircraftEdit


A twin-turbofan medium lift transport aircraft manufactured by Kawazaki that provides tactical lift for the Empire of Japan's Imperial Forces. A C-2 ferried Lieutenant Takamura Yui of the Royal Guard to Yukon Base when she was assigned as the development chief of the XFJ Program.


  • There is only one aircraft of the An-225 model in real life; unlike its Muv-Luv version, the line was not mass-produced.

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