Spoiler Alert: This page contains details about plotlines described in the Visual Novels. Do not proceed unless you want to be spoiled.

Alternative Iv

Patch that signifies its wearer as a member of Alternative IV.

Atlernative IV is the fourth United Nations special plan made in response to the BETA threat, led by the Empire of Japan.


Started in 1995. It's official purpose was finding a way to understand or communicate with the BETA through the use of the 00 Unit. It also had a secret objective of setting up an anti-BETA intelligence network, gathering data on the layout of each Hive and the deployment and distribution of BETA within. Alternative IV is assisted by its combat unit Special Task Force A-01


In the Unlimited world, the plan ends in a failure and is canceled on December 25th,2001 and subsquently Alternative V is carried out and the events of The Day After happen several years after.


Due to a certain bratty saviour, the events differ in Alternative because Shirogane Takeru knowing what happened in the Unlimited world takes action to stop Alternative V from happening and to resume Alternative IV at all costs. Takeru's rigorous amount of lobbying pays off and several disastrous events were evaded in this world even though some things didn't go as planed for him. But eventually one of the huge goals of Alternative IV is achieved by the creation of the 00 Unit.

Alternative IV finally reached its Primary objective during Operation Ouka, succeeding in communicating with the Kashgar Hive's Reactor and the BETA's overall controlling intelligence. 

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