Too bad, it's just sakura-chan

Did you expect to fry the Superior? Too bad, it's just Sakura-chan!

This is all part of the Kooki Experience, these treasures of joy, inducing PTSD in the darkest corner of your minds, letting your reinforced mental blockades work against you, shutting out the sounds in the light of the day.

Laugh, laugh while you can, mortals, for when you go to sleep, come darkness, come night, you will relieve the names carved into a steel grave, and remember all the thousands of cries when Alternative was first released. You will go with despaired joy, to the promised land of PTSD and âge...

A collection of April Fool's spoof pictures, featured on âge's official site during 04/01/2013.

The Idolmeisters: Tsunderella GalsEdit

Tsunderella girls

One of them is not like the other, one of them is âge trolling...

April Fool's Day 2013 featured on the âge main page, with several of the Total Eclipse girls as idols.

I don't know about you, but I'll love to "produce" some of them, if you know what I mean...

Also dem soviet costumes.

Akane School BattleEdit

Akane's bizzare adventures

The sequel of the direct-to-DVD-only-in-an-alternative-world Space Tekumen X.

Title-Jijou no kimyou na Bouken ENG- Second Sisters odd Adventures. My god, this should totally be a sequel for the "Original" work. 

But her Stand will forever be a Gun Sweeper.

Attack On BETA (進撃のベータ)Edit

Tank-chan tokusatsu 2

THIS is the point!

Well, no, it's actually a spoof of the giant RX-78-2, but that's not the point!

Puella Magi Marimo MagicaEdit

Puella magi marimo magica


There exist "Messengers of Kooki" who have the power to grant one wish to a chosen child. However, that girl must then become a Magical Girl and fight against witches, evil creatures born from curses that are responsible for murders and suicides.

A schoolgirl named Kagami Sumika and her friend, Mitsurugi Meiya, are residents of Yokohama City. One day, they are approached by one of these Messengers of Kooki, named Rotanev, accompanied by a Magical Girl named Jinguuji Marimo, with an offering to become Magical Girls themselves.

And as all this is happening, Shirogane Takeruko, another Magical Girl/Boy/Something, begins to move against the forces of Kooki to prevent Sumika and friends from making such a deal...

Other âge ProjectsEdit

Because we all know they deliver things on time, and always keep customers happy. They are the saviors of this anime season! なんちゃって、全部デタラメでーす。

By the way âge, AyuMayuAlt. 2 まだあ?

Regardless, one of them is the ultimate in âge trolling. Look hard and long, Mop Rubbers...

Translated Page (Sorta) My bad if it sucks. Edit

BTW, if you can't read the section where it says, TV Anime "My Sister can't be a Samurai" thats what it says fyi.

April Fools p1

Translated page

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