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Aral Trans is a Korean VN translation hooking tool kit. While the original Muv Luv trilogy has been patched due to Amaterasu Translations tireless efforts to manually hook translations line by line, Aral Trans opens up the posibility to rapidly hook translations for ML secoundary material. Most prominently, a possible translation of Altered Fable currently underway.

The current stable release of Aral Trans (0.2) can be found on Aral Labs (Korean, but google chrome can make decent sense of it, as well as the Beginner's Guide.)

Aral Trans hooks by means of an ATCode, that is somewhat unique to each game and game version. A library of codes for various VNs exists, but requires registration to access. The ATCode is by no means a translation, but more instructions for Aral Trans on how to hook.

Partial Translation (airsoft arc): [Wakarizurai Translations]
patched game (AFU version) HOOK(Vm60.dll!0x0001421E,TRANS([ESP+0x28],PTRCHEAT),RETNPOS(COPY))
Filter : FixLine {}, DenyWord {CUT (2)}
Filter  : FixLine {}, DenyWord {CUT (2)}

Other codes exist, but are buried away in the AT Code Center


AralChansrUGP is a rUGP engine for Aral Trans as part of the effort to translate Altered Fable. It consists of two tools.

  • EwriteTool, a text extractor that creates a database for translation
  • AralChansrUGP1122, the "translator" that replaces game text with text from a translation file.

AralChansrUGP is currently under development, so it's probably not a good idea to bother the creator about it, least completion be delayed; however the current releases are available here, and are useful for personal machine-translation. Seriously though, dont bug them.


How to hook, for those ignorant of Lesser-Moon Runes.

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