The main runway of the Arashiyama Supply Base.

The Arashiyama Supply Base is a military base in Japan, set into the side of a mountain. The base's location is just on the western outskirts of the Imperial capital, Kyoto. Takamura Yui, Kai Shimako, Iwami Aki, Noto Izumi, and Yamashiro Kazusa were all assigned to this base after their commissioning. The base has an internal hangar, as well as a catapult runway to facilitate quick and effecient takeoff from the mountainside.

During the BETA Invasion of Japan, the base eventually became part of the new frontlines on the 31st of July, 1998, after a month of unsuccessful military maneuvers by the Imperial Japanese forces to stem the tide of the BETA. Enemy forces approaching from the west took the base by storm, easily overwhelming the newly-commissioned pilots sent there as a security measure, and killing the rest of the IJA personnel within the base. It was finally abandoned when the commander of the pilots decided to retreat from the area, leaving the base behind.

Other PersonnelEdit

Apart from a unit of technicians, the Imperial Royal Guard White Fang squadron, comprised of fresh graduates and operating various Zuikaku variants, led by IRG Lieutenant Kisaragi Kaori, was stationed here as a defensive unit. Despite their best efforts, the squadron, having taken several casualties, was forced to retreat when the BETA overran the base and the surrounding areas.