Argos Test Flight emblem.

A TSF development unit under the UN's Force Operation Test and Evaluation Command at Yukon Base in Alaska, USA. As part of Project PROMINENCE, they serve as both the parent unit for the Phoenix Initiative and the XFJ Program. It is a truly multi-national unit, with members from at least eight different countries.


 *Flight Commander: Lieutenant  Ibrahim Doğulu (former Argos-1, Argos Leader)
Argos Flight

Argos flight, pilots.

TSFs of Argos Test FlightEdit

F-15・ACTV Active Eagle

  • Argos possesses both existing Active Eagle units.

XFJ-01 Shiranui Second

F-15E Strike Eagle

  • Argos initially possessed two Strike Eagles as chaser and filler TSFs for the flight. Yuuya Bridges' own F-15E was added to the count when he joined the test flight.

Type-00F Takemikazuchi

  • The Type-00F under Argos' command belongs solely to Takamura Yui.

Type-97 Fubuki

  • The Fubuki was briefly used as a training unit to allow Yuuya to acquaint himself with the characteristics of Japanese TSFs.


  • Argos Test Flight shares the same names as the city of Argos, one of the oldest cities in Europe.
  • The flight's emblem, which spells "Argus", is technically correct, as "Argus" is the Latinized spelling of "Argos".

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