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Ayu-Mayu Gekijou (あゆまゆ劇場, Ayu-Mayu Theater) is a seven-episode comedy web anime series starring Daikuuji Ayu and Tamano Mayu, the two waitresses at Kimi ga Nozomu Eien's Sky Temple Restaurant.

The first four episodes originally aired from September to December 2006 on the website of Kiminozo Radio, and the remaining three episodes were included in the DVD, which was released in February 2006. While Ayu-Mayu Gekijou is technically a Kiminozo-based series, it features characters and parodies scenarios from Muv-Luv and Akane Maniax.


Ep. No.


Air Date


Hakuchuu no Shikaku... sa. (白昼の死角…さ。) Edit
Ayu Mayu Gekijou 0106:38

Ayu Mayu Gekijou 01

Ayu and Mayu gather characters from other age games to announce the Ayu-Mayu Gekijou anime series; Ayu's driving (and the sudden appearance of a Type-00R TSF) causes accidents for Suzumiya Haruka and Kagami Sumika.


Furikaereba Yatsu ga Iru... sa. (振り返れば奴がいる…さ。) Edit
Ayu Mayu Gekijou 0202:27

Ayu Mayu Gekijou 02


Ayu and Mayu are called to operate on Haruka after her accident, but their failure leads them to ask for assistance using the switch for an S-11 SDS. Haruka is then transformed into a 00 Unit, apparently by Kouzuki Yuuko.


Ari yo Saraba... sa. (アリよさらば…さ。) Edit
Ayu Mayu Gekijou 0303:49

Ayu Mayu Gekijou 03

Ayu and Mayu's position as the most popular waitresses in Sky Temple are jeopardized by the hiring of Tamase Miki and Yashiro Kasumi.


Ou-sama no Resutoran... sa. (王様のレストラン…さ。)Edit
Ayu Mayu Gekijou 0404:22

Ayu Mayu Gekijou 04


Paul Radhabinod is introduced as a trainee manager of Sky Temple. The restaurant's lunch hour becomes a parody of the Yokohama Base defense in Muv-Luv Alternative.


Oni no Seika... sa. (鬼の棲家...さ。)Edit
Ayu Mayu Gekijou 0503:23

Ayu Mayu Gekijou 05


Radhabinod requests a one-day transfer of Ayu and Mayu to a Sky Temple branch located inside a Hive, where the BETA are portrayed as otaku who are continuously on 2ch.


Danjo 7 nin Natsumono go... sa. (男女7人夏物語...さ。)Edit
Ayu Mayu Gekijou 0608:21

Ayu Mayu Gekijou 06


A swimming competition between Ayu and Suzumiya Akane turns into a parody based on Akane Maniax' Tekkumen ending and Daikuuji Kiki Ippatsu!, a Kimi ga Nozomu Eien Fandisc.


Special Episode (スペシャルエピソード)Edit
Ayu Mayu Gekijou 07v106:49

Ayu Mayu Gekijou 07v1


Ayu Mayu Gekijou 07v205:35

Ayu Mayu Gekijou 07v2


An extended end-of-the-world/zombie parody.



Normally restaurants are closed due to BETA. Some say this is racist and backward, but we all just have to recognize that the southern states have a different way of thinking and that segregation is part of their culture.


It would be an egregious mistake to believe the BETA are not civilized. They've adapted to first world culture rather quickly. Here we've spotted some warrior-class BETA at their local cafe discussing what's hip and cool on the scene, Tweeting and Facebooking, checking Pitchfork for the latest music, and maybe even finding love on a dating website.

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