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A chart comparing the size of the known BETA strains, the average human, and the average TSF size.

The Beings of the Extra Terrestrial origin which is Adversary of human race, more commonly known by the acronym BETA, are a fictional extraterrestrial lifeform in the Muv-Luv series.


BETA are featured in Muv-Luv Unlimited/Alternative and their related spinoff works, where they are the primary antagonistic faction against humanity's forces.

Muv-Luv Unlimited and Alternative, as well as their associated sidestories, take place in alternate universes where the BETA were first spotted on Mars in 1958. They arrived on the Moon in 1967 and, after a brief conflict with humanity's space forces, invaded Earth in 1973. They quickly spread from their landing point, Kashgar, and proceeded to invade the Eurasian, Middle Eastern and Asian regions; when they finally reached Japan in 1998, 36 million people were killed within a week. By 2001, the world population was down to about 1 billion people.

The BETA vary greatly in size, with the smallest identified strain (Soldier-class) being around 3 meters tall, and the largest identified strains (Fort-class) at over 60 meters tall. They cannot fly, and the Laser and Heavy Laser-class BETA shoot down anything that does, rendering aircraft useless and making any aerial military operations much more difficult.

Their very existence is shrouded in mystery. All that mankind knows of them during Unlimited and at the start of Alternative is that they are (obviously) hostile, are carbon-based lifeforms (this was discovered when specimens were examined in Alternative 2), and do not consider humans to be living beings (this was found out through the readings of Soviet espers in Alternative 3).

During MLU/A it is revealed that only soldiers and eishi that have been officially commisioned are allowed to see the true forms of the BETA, which are classified at the highest level to anyone else. However, this is never elaborated on. During Chronicles 03: Rebirth though, the reason is revealed to be that because many of the BETA forms bear a resemblance to humans or have humanoid features, the general populace may fear them to be an out-of-control biological weapon developed by a rogue nation rather than alien invaders.

They have been likened to the space monsters from "Gunbuster" (and to a lesser extent, the Buff Clan in "Space Runaway Ideon"): their strength lies in their numbers and capability for a battle of attrition, and they are notable for being incredibly ugly in apperance, sometimes scaring even battle-hardened soldiers.

Combat DoctrineEdit

Ruitares have right of way

F-4s facing a wave of Destroyer-class BETA.

As an alien force created for mining, the BETA center their strategies around total dominance with overwhelming numbers; the areas that they take are eventually mined of all possible resources, leaving a barren wasteland behind that is unfit for supporting human life for decades to come.

What allows them to not just stand toe-to-toe with humanity's forces, but to actually dominate them, however, are the Laser-class and Heavy Laser-class BETA. Their lasers can instantly destroy both air and ground enemy units from beyond visual ranges, and due to the fact that a typical low-threat BETA encounter would usually number several dozen Grappler-, Tank-, and Destroyer-class means that without air support, human armies would typically find themselves outmatched and outnumbered in a ground war.

Oh noes

The Laser-class is the BETA's greatest card to play.

In addition, there is no real way to detect a BETA offensive from far off; ground-based sonic sensors and recon satellites are at the mercy of the weather and mechanical failure. The best defence is to have pilots being able to respond quickly and effeciently to a sudden incursion, and to quickly deal with an incoming force if it is detected early enough. During an offensive push by the BETA, expect to see several hundred to tens of thousands of Tank-, Grappler- and Destroyer-class, as well several Fort-class and dozens if not hundreds of Laser/Heavy-Laser-class BETA in the mix as well. The pie chart below provides a representation of BETA force composition in any major engagements.

This chart, which showcases force composition in a large-scale BETA attack force, is based on information from the special episode of Total Eclipse.

The BETA are usually commanded by the Superior, a BETA strain best described as a "biological quantum computer". This is the one true threat to victory in any engagement; the BETA in general can be lured into traps or defeated with clever use of tactics, but when led by a Superior, the BETA become noticably smarter, to the extent where it understands the concepts of human tactics and will create ways to counter them.

Some basic tactics used by the BETA include tunneling from underground, often surprising defending forces from the rear, or from another front, creating opportunities for overconfident pilots to get trapped in a pincer maneuver. Often the main issue with combating BETA in any prolonged engagement is the threat of running out of ammunition, and the massive numerical odds; close-quarters combat is viable, but that would be playing into the BETA's area of strength, and is not encouraged unless as a last-ditch measure.

BETA force size organization, as is expected of their force composition, is several times higher than their human counterparts. To add to that, most major engagments take place with multiple corps-sized formations deployed by the BETA, as is their nature to rely on overwhelming numbers.

Unit Type Numerical Size[1]
Platoon 30 ~ 60 creatures
Company 60 ~ 250 creatures
Battalion 300 ~ 1,000 creatures
Regiment 2,000 ~ 3,000 creatures
Brigade 3,000 ~ 5,000 creatures
Division 10,000 ~ 20,000 creatures
Corps 30,000 creatures and above

BETA HivesEdit

  • Aerial shot of a Hive.
  • Inside a BETA hive. You do NOT want to be here, specially if you are a teenage highschool girl.
  • A hive surface entrance to the lower drifts.
The BETA's bases are called "hives". The parts above ground are called "monuments", while the massive underground parts (which include sprawling tunnels spreading around in all directions) are called "stabs". Hives are classified into different phases according to their size. The amount of time it takes a hive to move to the next phase varies depending on the hive. The largest hive on Earth is the Original Hive, a Phase 6 Hive, while the largest hive confirmed by mankind is a Phase 9 Hive on Mars. There are no hives below phase six on Mars. There are also numerous hives on the moon. A more detailed list of the hives on Earth can be found here.
  • A BETA landing unit
  • A Phase 1 Hive
  • A Phase 2 Hive
  • A Phase 3 Hive
  • A Phase 4 Hive
  • A Phase 5 Hive
  • The Launcher of Phase 5+ Hives
  • A Phase 6 Hive

Phase 1Edit

Gates and the main shaft are constructed.

Phase 2Edit

The main hall and drifts are constructed, and the monument is now 50 meters tall. The main shaft now extends 350 meters downwards from ground level, and the drifts extend for 2 kilometers around the Hive.

Phase 3Edit

The monument is now 100 meters tall. The main shaft now extends 700 meters downwards from ground level, and the drifts extend for 4 kilometers around the Hive.

Phase 4Edit

The monument is at 300 meters tall. The main shaft now extends 1.2 kilometers downwards from ground level, and the drifts extend for 10 kilometers around the Hive.

Phase 5Edit

BETA Hive moon

A BETA Hive on the surface of the moon.

The monument is 600 meters tall. The main shaft now extends 2 kilometers downwards from ground level, and the drifts extend for 30 kilometers around the Hive. Once a hive reaches Phase 5, it can launch shuttle-like objects up into space. Mankind has been unable to determine just what those objects are, and can only tell from the trajectory that their destination is outside the solar system. It is revealed by the Superior that said objects contain resources, which would probably include G Elements due to their unique attributes.

Phase 6Edit

The monument is 1 kilometer tall. The main shaft extends 4 kilometers downwards from ground level, and the drifts extend for 100 kilometers around the Hive.

Moe Anthroporphized BETAEdit

In the alternate universe where the Joshin Eishi Cryska (女臣衛士クリスカ) short adult games are set, the BETA are humanoid females, whose character designs are based on BETA classes in the Unlimited/Alternative universes. So far, there have been two official designs for moe antropomorphized female BETA, based on the Destroyer- and Tank-class. Also see Destroyer-Class Plushie and Haiburu.

Fandom ReactionsEdit

The BETA, because of their phallic/ugly nature, have spawned a number of humorous/morbid/odd/a combo of all three fanart and references; the fandom in general provides us with an unending stream of hilarious art, and phrases like "CHOMP" have become an accepted expression in the Muv-Luv English-speaking community in general.

A small group of people have been known to use "Double BETA" as a hilarious insult, in the vein of another similar method of making light of an opponents's humanity.

BETA are not pretty cool guys, they will eat your waifus and do not, under any circumstance, afraid of anything.


When the smile comes...

Let us have our favourite BETA, Grappler-kun, make his opening speech.

"What the **** did just say about me, you little bitch? I'll have you know I ranked top of my class at silicon and organic dismemberment in the Kashgar Hive, I have over 300 confirmed tons. I am trained in swarm warfare and I'm the best Grappler in the entire mining force.
You are nothing to me but just another element. I will crush you with Mohs the likes of which have never been seen on this puny planet, mark my ******* words. You think you can get away with saying that shit over your psychic link? Think again, chompbait.
As we speak I am contacting my secret network of Superiors and your brain waves are being traced right now so you better prepare for the herd, godless organic. The herd that wipes that out this pathetic little ball you call a planet. You're f***ng harvested, resource. I can stampede to anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that's with just my forearms.
Not only am I perpetually pissed off, unstoppable, and merciless, I have access to every strain in the hives and I will use them to their full extent to transport your miserable atoms off the face of this world, you carbon deposite. If only you could have known what mind-breaking depression your little "clever" comment was about to bring down upon the earth you would have used your SDS.
But you couldn't, you didn't, and now you're paying the price, inferior. I will shit brains all over you and you will drown in them. You're already recycled, kiddo."

- A VERY angry Grappler-class BETA.

Image GalleryEdit


  1. Integral Works, pg. 157, BETAの数の規模

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