Popular female Japanese artist, responsible for many bishoujo and otome games, and other illustrations such as light novels and posters.

CARNELIAN was one of the original founding members of relic, the original name of âge, and worked on world construction and scenario for Kaseki no Uta, intended to be one of relic's debut games, but amid rising workloads decided to work independently rather than as part of a team. CARNELIAN would amicably depart at the end of 1998, resulting in Kimi ga Ita Kisetsu being âge's debut game, later collaborating on âge Maniax, and over a decade later becoming their illustrator for the Muv-Luv light novel series Schwarzesmarken.

CARNELIAN is the representative director of the game company ORBIT and a company director for its ROOT brand.

When Kouki posted on Twitter that he was looking for artists for Schwarzesmarken, Carnelian was the first post below, immediately volunteering herself.

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