The Consolidation of South-East Asian Nations, as the organization is known in English (otherwise called the 大東亜連合, daitōa rengō; Greater East Asian Union) is a multinational organization formed out of several nations in the South-East Asian region. Initially a loose alliance, the organization's structure solidified in its later years to become a regional political alliance.


A political alliance of South-East Asian countries that resented being placed under the direct command of the United Nations, and which banded together to increase their influence and prevent the ignorance of regional concerns. The UN's strong-arming of the Indian government, during Operation Swaraj in 1992, was a great factor in the decision by the various South-East Asians nations to form COSEAN.[1] They were officially established in 1996.[2]

As of 2001, COSEAN is focused on the preservation of national territory against the BETA,[1] especially against the BETA from the Mandalay Hive. Malaysia and Indonesia, with aid from the Empire of Japan, form the core of COSEAN; the Philippines, however, being under strong influence from the United States of America and Taiwan, are not a part of that. [1] Apart from a military alliance with the Empire of Japan due to historical and geographical reasons, COSEAN also works closely with Australian forces.[3]

Despite its founding reason(s), COSEAN also plays host to troops from the UN 12th Force, with UN bases present in Singapore and Borneo.[4]


COSEAN is a political alliance between nations, as opposed to the European Union's quasi-unified system; the nations are likely not bound by anything beyond a regional treaty for close cooperation.

Despite political tension amongst the member nations of COSEAN, the organization has a warfighting arrangement similar to that of the Unified Front of China's.[3]

Armed ForcesEdit

The TSF forces of COSEAN are largely formed from F-4 Phantoms and F-5E/F Tiger IIs,[5] with small-scale introduction of F-16 Fighting Falcons and F-18 Hornets taking place in the late 1990s.[6] Communist-aligned nations are also making an effort to bring in Soviet hardware, although issues with ease of maintenance are preventing those nations from moving into full-scale introduction of Eastern Bloc TSFs.[6]

A unit of TSFs sent for participation in Project PROMINENCE, operating four F-18E/F Super Hornets. They were present during Blue Flag, and fought against Argos Test Flight during the initial round of battles.


  • It is unknown if COSEAN is based off the real-world ASEAN, or intended in-universe as a replacement for it, due to their dates of formation (1996 in COSEAN's case, 1967 in the real-world ASEAN's case).
  • The Japanese term for COSEAN (大東亜連合) is similar to the real-world Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere (大東亜共栄圏), a Japanese concept created and promulgated for occupied Asian populations in the 1940s, under the yoke of historical Imperial Japan.


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