Spoiler Alert: This page contains details about plotlines described in the Visual Novels. Do not proceed unless you want to be spoiled.

Inga Doutai (因果導体)

A pipeline between worlds. Allows the exchange of causality information between them, which happens mostly through the transference of events and memories along the original trilogy, but might not be limited to them. The nature and content of the exchanged information depends on the source, which senses relevant information and rips it from a dependent world through the conductor and back to its world of origin. Information from the origin world flows back through the conductor to replace what was lost and establish an equilibrium.  

What Shirogane Takeru has become by the time the events of Unlimited take place.

The full extent of the Conductor's effects are first witnessed during Takeru's premature return to Extra, in which the love and affection felt by his colleagues is transferred to Alternative, causing said characters to not only have their memories transferred to the Alternative universe (thereby forgetting everything about him), but also receive causality information from the "another world", bringing tragic consequences to some of them.

Origin Edit

By the very end of Alternative, it is revealed that Takeru's condition was caused by the combination of the poorly understood G-Bombs's after-effects with Kagami Sumika's strong desire to see her love interest again, which happened during the bombing of the Yokohama Hive, therefore setting in motion the events in Unlimited and Alternative.

Takeru's status as a Causality Conductor can also be used to explain some of his most extravagant displays of skill during the events of Alternative, as it is implied that the protagonist might have went through numerous time-loops before his final incarnation in the last game of the trilogy, therefore accumulating high amounts of combat experience along the way, despite his initially frail psyche, which was not strengthened in the same fashion due to memory loss.

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