Circe Steinhoff

Circe Steinhoff Dress Uniform 1
Circe, in her flight jacket and dress uniform.

Circe Steinhoff Fortified Suit 1
Circe, in her fortified suit.

Kirce sp-1
Circe in her fatigues,for anime outline sketch

Birthday May 1, 1959
Nationality West German
Relations Grandfather Old Steinhoff
Features Black, long hair
Blue eyes
Slender build.
TSF F-5G Tornado
Voice Actor Manami Numakura
Game Appearance Schwarzesmarken

Leutnant (2st LT) Circe Steinhoff is a TSF Pilot of the West German Bundeswehr 51st Tactical Armored Battalion "Huckebein". She has the aura of a cool beauty, but speaks with a sharp tongue. She hates East Germany due to various circumstances.

But her hatred died out after fighting with Theodor Eberbach in Operation Neptune. She even developed romantic feelings for the red haired boy, she wanted to introduce him to grandfather.

When the coup occurred in East Germany, she decided to help Theodor.

Trivia Edit

  • Her name comes from Kirke, a Sorceress in Greek mythology.
  • Her Grandfather is Johannes Steinhoff

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