The Close Combat Dagger is a close-proximity melee weapon equipped on most TSFs. Lightweight and easy to handle, the Dagger is a handy weapon for prying off Tank-class BETA from allied armor units and TSFs, and in a pinch, can even be used to dispatch Grappler- and Destroyer-class BETA. When not in use, Close Combat Daggers are usually stored in a TSF's blade sheaths or storage areas.

Type-65 PB KnifeEdit


Type-65 PB Knife

A product of Imperial Japan, the PB Knife is commonly seen stored in a Japanese TSF's arm sheaths, ready to be deployed if a Tank-class were to latch on to the TSF. In use with every TSF since the F-4J Gekishin, the PB Knife is an important secondary/tertiary armament for any pilot and can mean the difference between dying or narrowly getting away.

The PB Knife's origins began from the pre-BETA era after World War II, where it was developed as a multipurpose cutting tool for operated exoskeleton systems, which were used in space as construction suits. The BETA invasion saw the tool repurposed as a melee weapon for the F-4J. It was also given the American designation of CIWS-1.

CIWS-1A Close Combat KnifeEdit

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Multi-purpose knife used by most TSFs, and is very similar to the Type-65 PB Knife. Initially equipped with the F-4 Phantom, the weapon has also seen use with other TSFs, including the MiG-21 Balalaika.

CIWS-1B Close Combat KnifeEdit



Advanced multi-purpose folding knife used by American TSFs. Space-saving storage balances out against the weapon's structural deficiency as compared to other combat daggers.

XM-9 Mounted DaggerEdit

TSF Weapon XAMWS-24

XAMWS-24 with XM-9 mounted.

Knife weapon mounted as a bayonet on the XAMWS-24 Assault Cannon, and used exclusively by the YF-23. Unlike other Close Combat Daggers, it does not appear to be a detachable component, much like Fixed Armaments on TSFs.

Like the XAMWS-24, the XM-9 never entered production.

Large Close-Combat DaggerEdit

Another knife variant used by the YF-23, the weapon is stored in its multipurpose arm sheaths. Its name implies that it is larger than other Combat Daggers in use with the US military.

Soviet Army Combat KnifeEdit

Mig 27 Aligatori Stasi With Soviet Dagger

A MiG-27 with a Soviet Army Combat Knife. As seen in Schwarzesmarken, piloted by Beatrix Brehme. Seems to be possibly marked "CIWS-1E".

Knife weapon developed and used by Soviet forces. The weapon, which has a longer blade, first saw use with the MiG-27, and has been described to be more akin to a machete than a combat dagger.