Aerial view of Dover Base.

Located at Kent, England and overlooking the northernmost tip of France, Dover Base was built upon the remains of the old Dover Castle that was destroyed in combat against the BETA in 1985. While effort has been made to make its exterior resemble its namesake, the interior of Dover Base boasts state-of-the-art facilities; the base has its own military port capable of fleet support, vast underground stores of ammunition and supplies, and even launch catapults for quick deployment of the TSFs housed within. Recreational facilities for the crew are not neglected either, which includes a swimming pool and various other sports and recreational facilities.

The rebuilt Dover Base symbolizes the successful Defense of Britain, and the defiance of the European people against the BETA threat. Currently, the base serves as the home base of the JA44 Zerberus Bataillon and a base of the United Nations' 1st Army.

Apart from being a frontline base tasked to provide early-warning capabilities against BETA incursions, combat operations by the JA44 against the BETA on the European mainland are also launched from here. Plans are also being considered to use the base as a staging point for large-scale operations involving the retaking of the European mainland.


  • 1986: The construction of Dover Base begins.
  • 1996: Construction work on Dover Base is fully completed.
  • Autumn, 2000: Dover Base hosts a National Volksarmee flight of four MiG-29OVTs assigned to the region.

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