Drill Milky Punch may refer to one of the following:
Drill milky punch sora (y564219)

What a nice, dutiful girl, waking her childhood friend each morning. Let's make her an extra key to the front door.

Drill Milky Punch - Special AttackEdit

Drill Milky Punch is Kagami Sumika's trademark attack, second only to her heretofore unseen and rarely spoken of "Phantom". On par with Ayamine Kei's Space Tornado Ayamine attack in terms of stun power, but with added knock-back effect. Unlike Sumika's standard Liver Strike attack, DMP is a fierce forward punch sometimes rolled into an uppercut if the target is standing. Depending on how long DMP is charged, the receiving target may be knocked back several screens or even out of the battle (yielding an instant win).

DMP is most often (and most effectively) employed against Shirogane Takeru. This yields an increased critical stun and critical knock-back chance, at the expense of actual damage. Shirogane is also unable to cancel the attack during it's extensive charge time, and unable to block or deflect it's effects.


Pretty sure this wiki is supposed to be SFW... Just replace XG-70 with Sumika herself, and add milk; you'll get the idea.

While Drill Milky Punch is normally a Sumika only attack, It can be unlocked by The Superior after engaging Sumika in at least one Grappling attack. However, the Superior is only able to land DMP attacks on Sumika herself, or mecha she pilots. In this event, it has no knock-back effect, but stun-lock lasts until the end of the scene. This special attack is unavailable in all-ages mode.

Drill Milky PhantomEdit

An enhanced version of the Drill Milky Punch. A super powerful move that surpasses the Drill Milky Punch capable of sending the victim to Mars and can cause explosion and a beam of light to appear. Unfortunately the Drill Milky Phantom has a fatal weakness where the user will also be sent flying to space.

Drill Milky Punch - Dōjin softEdit

300px-DMP Cover

Actually a game put out by French Bread.

Drill Milky Punch is also an arcade action Doujin Game put out by French Bread (of Melty Blood fame) for the PC in 2003. It's basic premise is that the player is being zerg-rushed by a variety of Age characters, however unlike BETA the super-deformed enemies in DMP are essentially walking dominoes; the goal is to knock down as many as possible by punching them into each other, until you are eventually overtaken. That's it. Really.

And yet you will still be sucked into playing it for hours

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