The designation for a pilot of a TSF in Japan is Eishi (衛士, roughly "guardian"), the official English term used by nations other than Imperial Japan being "Tactical Surface Fighter Pilot" or "TSF Pilot", formerly "Surface Pilot"[1]. It is a word of Japanese origin historically referring to a mentality defenders of the Imperial Court achieved before going into battle, and in its use by Imperial Japan to refer to surface fighter pilots it emphasizes the kind of mentality that said pilots should strive to achieve. TSF pilots are called upon to respond quickly and efficiently against dynamic threats, as BETA attack and approach vectors are unpredictable and no strategy is effective against them in every situation.

  • UN Eishi Badge
  • Soviet Eishi Badge
  • US Army Eishi Badge
  • Imperial Japanese Army Eishi Badge

Trivia Edit

  • The Soviet Eishi badge is based around a Soviet Aviation Proficiency badge that was awarded to highly skilled pilots.


  1. Integral Works, pg.331, 衛士

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