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Endoh Masaki

Masaaki Endoh performing as part of JAM Project in Paris

Masaaki Endoh (遠藤 正明 Endō Masaaki?, born August 28, 1967) is a Japanese singer/songwriter who is prominent in the area of soundtracks for anime and tokusatsu productions. He is one of the founders of the anison supergroup JAM Project and has been a regular member ever since its inception in 2000. His nickname is the "Young Lion of Anison" and he goes by the motto "Always Full Voice".

Theme SongsEdit

  • "Carry On" - Muv-Luv Alternative Insert Song
  • "Sora wo Yuku Tomoshibi no Uta" - Muv-Luv Unlimited The Day After Ending Theme


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