First seen in the Total Eclipse anime, the Esper Control Pod is the device used by mercenary/Allegiance/Refugee Liberation Front member Christopher, featured in novel and anime versions of Muv-Luv Alternative Total Eclipse.

He uses the device hoping to take psychic control over the espers of Soviet Idol test flight, Cryska Barchenowa and Inia Sestina (aka the Scarlet Twins), who pilot a two-seater Su-37UB, during the September 21st 2001 Yukon Base Incident. Christopher carried the device in the back cockpit of his mecha (MiG-29OVT Fulcrum in the novelization; Su-47E Berkut in the anime), and activated it when the espers entered the Prafka state.

The attempt only succeeded in driving the Scarlet Twins berserk, whereupon in the anime they took remote control of the Christopher's Su-47E, ejected Christopher with the device in his escape pod, crushed Christopher's escape pod (with the device), took control of his machine and than continued on their rampage until eventually stopped by Yuuya Bridges.

Shortly before going berserk, and after the device has been activated, the Scarlet Twins feel another, similar psychic presence. This presence is the other esper located inside the pod as she attempted to take control of the sisters.

In the novelization, Christopher is still defeated by the berserked Scarlet Twins, but is not killed by them on the spot (instead, he is killed shortly afterward by the Scarlet Twins commander Jerzy Sandek).

Purpose Edit

On the pod in Russian is written "Fifth generation to the formula General purpose Control system", meaning the pod is designed for Fifth Generation espers and acts as a control system that allows the Esper inside to not only pilot a compatible TSF but also link with other espers, sometimes forcefully as was the case during the Yukon Base Incident, however the process is meant to link multiple consenting espers and their TSFs to create a highly sensitive, highly effective unit that transcends normal human limits in combat.

The pods are designed to not only enhance the esper's normal psychic abilities but also help induce the Prafka and Nostroyka effects without the use of a standard catalyst.

Espers interred in the pods are required to have their four limbs amputated, and are not meant to be removed once inside. It is essentially a suicide mission, although members such as Matika Barchenowa were volunteers for said procedure after it was developed.


  • Sandek, presumably wanting to contain confidential information about Prafka, stated to Yuuya Bridges that the twins went berserk due to American combat hypnosis.


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