F-11 Tiger
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Manufacturer(s) Grunnan
Generation 1st Generation[1]
Role Early-model Carrier-based Fighter
Initial Deployment 1976[1]
Engines General Electronics FE79-GE-2A[1]

A carrier-based Tactical Surface Fighter developed by Grunnan, the F-11 Tiger was noted for being the first naval-based TSF in the world. It was first deployed in 1976.


The F-11 Tiger was developed as a carrier-capable TSF to support the US Navy's naval operations, with easy operation onboard an aircraft carrier in mind; consequently, its body frame was that of a small-sized, lightweight TSF, designed for good control characteristics during flight time.[1] However, during its prototype phase, improvements made to the design of the mainframe resulted in a weight increase, leading to a lack of power output. This resulted in a decline of the F-11's maneuverability and its choice in equipment load. [1]


While the F-11 did enter production, the TSF was eventually replaced by F-4 Phantoms modified for the US Navy, for a short period of time.[1] The data from the F-11 was eventually put to use in refining the concept of carrier-borne TSFs, resulting in the much-improved F-14 Tomcat later on.


  • The real life F-11 Tiger, like its Muv-Luv universe's counterpart, also encountered problems during development, the biggest issue being the performance and reliability of its engine. Similarly to its real-life counterpart, the TSF-11 was deployed for only a short while, before being withdrawn from active service.


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