Russian Colours

A Type-94 painted in aggressor colors

Also known as the Fuji School Brigade, the Fuji Tactical Fighter Training Group is an Imperial Army aggressor unit that trains Imperial Japanese TSF pilots in combat tactics and maneuvers. Stationed at the Fuji 1st Base, not much is known about the exact details of the Fuji Tactical Fighter Training Group except their purpose, which is to provide realistic combat training as simulated opponents against other Imperial Army TSF units.

Their most well-known deed to the public was their participation in the 12/5 Incident under the banner of insurgent leader Captain Sagiri Naoya. Several pilots from the Fuji Group fought against US Army F-15E Strike Eagles, their combat performance and reputation earning them praise from the US pilots despite the critical situation at that time. When Sagiri was killed, the remaining members of the Fuji Group also surrendered. What happened to them thereafter was not disclosed. 

Fuji Training Group Shiranui

Shiranui, Soviet Aggressor.

After the addition of surviving members from the United Nations' disbanded Special Task Force A-01 somewhere between 2002 and 2003, many of their squadrons carry the names of Norse godesses. Members of the unit were present at the Cheorwon Hive during Operation Sledgehammer to test the Test Type-01 Shiranui Second and the Test Type-02 Gekkou in live combat, and later participated in joint operations with other nations to carry out further tests of the Test Type-01.

Operation Participation DatesEdit

  • December 5th, 2001: Fights alongside Imperial Army insurgents against US forces in the 12/5 Incident.
  • April 10th, 2003: 11th Squadron Skuld and 12th Squadron Urd take part in Operation Sledgehammer to capture Objective 20 for the purpose of testing the next generation Test Type-01 Shiranui Second and Test Type-02 Gekkou in combat respectively to determine the next-generation TSF for the Imperial Army.
  • August 2003: Elements of the Fuji Group and Soviet units, including 211 Batal'on Zhar, engage in anti-BETA raiding operations in Sakhalin, marking the beginning of combat operations against H-19, the Blagoveshchensk Hive. The operations are also used to further evaluate the performance of the Test Type-01 Shiranui Second.


11th Squadron SkuldEdit

12th Squadron UrdEdit



  • The way in which the Fuji pilots are referred to by their US counterparts have become somewhat memetic in nature, especially since the English in Muv-Luv Unlimited/Alternative has been acknowledged by fans to be wonky in pronounciation.
  • In real life, there is an actual military training camp located near Mount Fuji; specifically near the town of Gotemba, Shizuoka prefecture. The actual facility is a combined United States Marine Corps and Japan Ground Self Defense Force training area that also hosts combat training for other units from other prefectures.
    • The Fuji School Brigade also exists in real life, and like its Muv-Luv version primarily serves as a Japanese counterpart to OPFOR. Among its current tasks are operational evaluation and doctrine development for the Type-10 main battle tank.
    • An aggressor unit is a specially trained group that uses repainted equipment from their own country's army to represent a foreign military unit in training exercises. They are trained to use enemy methodology to accurately represent the emulated foreign military.

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