Diagram of the effects of a G-Bomb

A new type of strategic weapon that uses G-Element-derived technology to produce a 5th Dimensional Effect explosion. An overloaded Moorcock-Lechte Engine produces a similar, if on a much larger scale, explosion. It is likely that they operate on similar principles, as G-Bombs also generate their own Rutherford Field, allowing for orbital bombardment of Hives without risk of being intercepted by Laser-class and Heavy Laser-class BETA.

G-Bombs are also known for rendering once-healthy land completely sterile, perhaps permanently. Their wider and more long lasting effects are relatively unknown, and thus the Yokohama Base serves as a test to see some of their residual effects on living things.

Known EffectsEdit


Results of Alternative V

When a mass number of such bombs were deployed in Alternative V, side effects include, but were not limited to:

  1. Intensification of the Dellinger Effect, such that the range of radio communication is severely reduced, and communication satellites rendered near-useless.
  2. Creating huge salt deserts that surrounded and connected both North America and Australia.
  3. Gravity anomalies in all height regions of the atmosphere/on the planet surface, causing pockets of vacuum, destruction of satellites via forced atmospheric re-entry, and the loss of the Eurasian/African/Asian continent due to being flooded by mega-tsunami phenomena.


  • August 6th, 1999: 2 such bombs were used in Operation Lucifer to seize the Yokohama Hive.

  • Sometime between February 22nd, 2004 and "The Day": G-Bombs were used in Operation Iceberg, the UN/USA/COSEAN operation to seize H21, the Sadogashima Hive, as a proof-of-concept operation for Operation Babylon.
  • February 23rd, 2004; a.k.a. "The Day": G-Bombs were used en masse in an all-out assault on all Hives on Earth in Alternative V/Operation Babylon.