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GR stands for "Giant Robot", and are the robots that a player pilots in the Attack of Cyber-Legion Valgern-On game, using a twin-stick controller.

Various types and model numbers exist with different abilities, weapons, melee attacks, and combos, but all them seem to have the same basic features, control schemes, distance gauge, and auto-locking.

Standard GR actions are Directional Movement, Jumping, Dashing, Boosting, Boost Jump, Dashing Strafe, Air Dash, Main Melee Attack, Main Ranged Attack, Explosive Attack, Air Attacks, and Dash Attacks.

After performing an action with a GR, there is a noticeable input time gap lag before you can perform another action. This, however, can be circumvented though tricks like "Move Cancel", allowing a player to do a new action that can cancel the one currently in motion.

It is possible to input certain actions slightly ahead of time or exactly when the previous action's input lag ends, even if the GR is in the middle of an action, without cancelling it to do a follow up attack. A string of follow up attacks through this process is known as a "Combo".

A single GR can be piloted by at least two people who split up the action duties evenly amongst each other; naturally, excellent teamwork is a key prerequisite.

Available GR Load Weapons for attacking include machine guns, missiles, swords, knives, sniper rifles, laser guns, laser swords, laser knives, grenades and land mines. Attacks are mapped to three controls; as a Right Move, a Left Move, and a Center Move.

While able to move in a variety of terrains, GRs are most capable in an open space field.

Known GRsEdit

  • Kaizer - The most well-known GR. It is considered the Valgern-On mascot.
  • Xao-Myun - The second most famously known GR, and rival to Kaizer.
  • Unknown GR - The most mysterious GR, few facts are known about it.
  • Izanagi
  • Apocalypse - Also known as Damien.
  • Noel Crochet


  • GRs are based on the Virtuaroids giant mecha from the video game series Cyber Troopers Virtual-On, and are more or less operated and move in the same manner.
  • GRs do not exist in the Unlimited/Alternative universes, since the games they originate from do not exist there, but the control scheme and OS system for GRs are very similar to that of a TSF's own. While there are some differences, considering one is a digital robot and the other is an actual machine, many features and tricks can still be carried over from one to another, albeit not perfectly.
  • In the Kimi ga Nozomu Eien: Gundam Parody video, GRs are seen as the mecha piloted by the main cast.

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