Gerhard Ralerstein

Stylish AS FUCK

CV: Kuroda Takaya

A captain of the 44th Cerberus in command of the 2nd Squadron "Rot", Gerhard is the gentlemanly and semi-eccentric "Sonic Baron", one of the "Seven Heroes of Britain". A great squash referee, he is also excellent at reading in-between the lines when it comes to human interaction, and his moustache is considered legendary amongst the members of the 44th.

Despite his excellent skills in close-combat, Gerhard usually takes up a rearguard position to avoid conflicting with Wilfried's point-man position during operations.

His red Typhoon, together with his unique looks, personality, and custom-red pilot suit, makes him as recognizable as heroes come.

In short, the Sonic Baron is. FABULOUS. AS. FUCK.

Image GalleryEdit


"Ha Ha Ha Ha! Whatever stands before me, shall be cleaved!"

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