IEI is an Israeli-based TSF manufacturer. The company was responsible for developing the Lavi, with help from the UFC-based Shengdu TSF manufacturer. The data in the Lavi project was also used by Shengdu to design and complete the J-10.


Tactical Surface FighterEdit

An Israeli TSF based off the F-16 Fighting Falcon, with improved close-combat capabilities, the project had initially stalled due the cessation of US assistance, primarily in funding matters, in the development of an indigenous TSF. The IEI Lavi was later completed with help from UFC-based Shengdu.
While IEI was not directly responsible for the development and production of the J-10, it was their joint participation with Shengdu that had allowed the Chinese company to gain valuable development data, allowing them to perform their own modification project with the F-16.


  • IEI is a spin on the real-world IAI. However, it is unknown what the E in the acronym of the Muv-Luv version stands for.

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