J-35 Draken
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Manufacturer(s) SAAG
Generation 1st Generation
Role All-Purpose Fighter
Engines General Electronics FE85-GE-15

A 1st generation Tactical Surface Fighter, the J-35 Draken is a purely-Swedish production TSF, specialized to fight in the terrain of the Kingdom of Sweden.


The Draken first started out in 1949 as a concept for a next-generation, jet-powered fighter for the nation of Sweden. When news of the BETA invasion was made known, the development project underwent a massive change; the Draken's development was converted from an aircraft to that of a TSF; later, technological know-how from the French Mirage III was used to hasten the conversion process. This was as opposed to the technological progression of the F-4 Phantom, which was developed from space-use work exoskeletons. As a result, the Draken retains compatibility with tactics usually employed by aircraft, including the capability for NOE (nape-of-the-Earth) flight, as opposed to just the jump-jet capability possessed by early TSFs.


The Draken was first deployed in 1976, in the Kingdom of Sweden.