JA-37 Viggen
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Manufacturer(s) SAAG
Generation 2nd Generation
Role All-Purpose Fighter
Initial Deployment 1986
Engines General Electronics FE85-GE-21

The JA-37 Viggen is a 2nd generation Tactical Surface Fighter built to accommodate the combat requirements of the Kingdom of Sweden's armed forces.


Following the success of the J-35 Draken, Swedish engineers from SAAG developed the J-37 Viggen as the next-generation TSF for the nation. Much like the J-35, the JA-37 has retained its multi-role capabilities, as well as the ability for execution of unique battle tactics, carried over from the J-35.


As the JA-37 was specialized for operations in the Swedish homeland, it has only been deployed in force by the Kingdom of Sweden. Attempts were made to export the JA-37, but its specialization for fighting on the Nordic front resulted in much difficulty in marketing the product overseas.