Featured here are mobile weapons not from any series, either of TSFs or entirely different classes of fighting machines, that do not fit with the normal Tactical Surface Fighters.


F-4JXXX Super Gekishin
F-4JXXX 超撃震
Gekishin final form ride

A next-generation TSF competing against the likes of the XFJ-01 Shiranui Second and F-15SEJ Silent Eagle, the F-4JXXX is a platform based upon the venerable F-4J Gekishin. Built with data from the F-4J's operational performance in the Operation 21st, the Imperial Army decided to continue operating the Gekishin and other variants. In order to meet combat requirements of the future, the F-4J was upgraded into the F-4JXXX, which boasts a redesigned sensor mast, composite armor and visual elements reminiscent of ancient Japanese warriors.

Armed with a massive Super-Carbon trident, the F-4JXXX was selected as the primary Imperial TSF, edging out other competitors like the aforementioned, the EF-2000, F-18, and F-35, and is expected to enter deployment in 2005. Its nickname of MARVELOUS PHANTOM was given to it by COSEAN and US spectators after seeing its breathtaking visage.

Eyewitness Accounts of the F-4JXXX's combat capabilities:

Ah yes, the F-4JXXX is the successor to the Imperial Army Type-94. The nation has decided to adopt a machine that can perform all roles on the battlefield, and while the F-4JXXX is still in testing, I have confidence it will outshine all.
  • Imperial Army. Col. Tadanori Otomo:
This is the true successor to the tactical needs of the Empire. In other words, the F-4JXXX represents the will of our great Japan!
W-well, the F-4JXXX is certainly better than the Test Type-01, there's no arguing that, but... well, either way the choice has b-been made... No, that's not my point... I-I mean... that spear, what kind of...
... I sincerely hope that the Royal Guards will not attempt to do the same thing with the Type-82. Imposter, heresy!
Truly, I must say that this is an accurate manifestation of the spirit of Japan...

An April Fool's Day joke. If you actually thought the F-4J did well in Sadogashima, yeah, well... nah, it was shit

There's a reason we call it the Gekishit, so there.

Super Dimensional Eishi Muv-Luv Alternative The MovieEdit

Valkyrie FubukiEdit

2012 April Fool's Day joke, featuring the titular mecha, a Fubuki complete with Battroid, GERWALK and Valkyrie mode.

Armored ShiranuiEdit


2012 April Fool's Day joke, featuring a dimensionally-confused GBP-1S Armored Valkyrie with the VF-1J swapped out for a Shiranui.

Takemikazuchi Type-00F "The Beast"'Edit


2012 April Fool's Day joke, featuring a "Za Beast-ed" red Type-00F, complete with released limiters. A clear copy of the EVA-02 with a few stylistic tweaks.

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