Joseph Bernhard is the father of Irisdina and Jürgen Bernhard. He was a diplomat for East Germany, having to go and visit many countries, especially the USSR, and always with his son Jürgen beside him. But when his oldest child Jürgen was 11 years old, his life was derailed when his marriage ended in a divorce brought on by his dissatisfied wife.

The divorce shocked Joseph, and he started to drink in an effort to cope with the pain. When he became drunk, Joseph often turned violent; he would break furniture, often apologizing to Irisdina and Jürgen after waking up and would then swear that he would start a new life as a good father. After only a few days, the same events would occur.

The health of his body and mind dwindled quickly. Jürgen couldn't let it continue any longer and interred his father Joseph in a mental hospital.

But the young boy's work was useless. Joseph was getting worse every day in the hospital. By the year time Jürgen was 18 years old, it was impossible for the former diplomat to communicate with another person—he could be described as an actual moron: intellectually disabled and incapable of taking care of himself.

His former wife Mercedes married another man working in the embassy. In order to apologize and to comfort her estranged children, Mercedes provided them money and met with Jürgen every month. But the he hated her and refused to call her mother again after what she did to Joseph.

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