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Katia Waldheim

Katia BDU 1
Katia, in her fatigues.

Katia Fortified Suit 1
Katia, in her fortified suit.

Katia(fatigues outline sketch anime).fw
Katia in her fatigues,for anime outline sketch

Birthday January 7, 1967
Nationality East German
Relations Alfred Strachwitz (father)

Ernestine Strachwitz (mother)

Features Light brown hair tied in ponytail
Amber eyes
Small build
TSF F-4 Phantom
MiG-21 Balalaika
Voice Actor Minami Tanaka
Game Appearance Schwarzesmarken

Katia Waldheim is a character that appears in Schwarzesmarken.

A member of the West German army, Katia was rescued by the 666th TSF Squadron after the rest of her unit was destroyed. She later applied for refugee/defection status, but was instead transferred to the 666th as a replacement pilot, with the recommendation of the brigade CO, the 666th's CO and political officer. This odd occurrence initially drew the suspicion of Theodor and the Stasi.

Katia is overly idealistic, hard working, and eager to learn and help. Because she is mechanically inclined, she is adored by the maintenance crew. Even though she has little experience as a TSF pilot, she possesses natural talent and instinct, which are things that cannot be taught, which is why people view her as a potential ace pilot.

Irisdina and the brigade CO seem oddly protective of her and seem to know more about her than they let on. The only person she eventually confides in is Theodor, to whom she tells some of her past, such as her real name - Ursula Strachwitz. Born in East Germany as the daughter of an NVA general, Alfred Strachwitz, her father secretly smuggled her out of East Germany into the West years ago to protect her. Katia used the battlefield to get herself back into East Germany to see her father, a war hero who scored victories against the BETA even during the era that predated TSFs. Theodor eventually discovers that her father was executed years ago by the Stasi for undisclosed reasons, in addition to her other relatives who have also "disappeared" along with any data or information about their existence.


  • Where's Theo when you need him!?
  • Katia's indoor civvies
  • "I knew,that I would meet you"
  • A girl who was in the same age to Katia died in pieces,this scene shocked her.
  • "My name is Ursula. The man whom you called Alfred Strachwitz was my father."
  • "Sorry to disturb everyone.But now,I,Ursula,have some words to you."
  • Katia In West German BDU,from new novel "Two hometowns,one way"
  • It was the first time that she would fight as an infantry.
  • Katia, in her West German fortified suit.

Trivia Edit

Katia's route name and theme song is "Our Hands."

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