The Kingdom of Sweden is a small nation located in the northern part of the European mainland.


During World War II, Sweden remained officially neutral, but was forced to provide resources to Germany due to a blockade until the end of the war.  When the Cold War started shortly afterward, Sweden maintained its neutrality while secretly having strong ties with the United States of America and the western European nations. This, however, came to an end with the arrival of the BETA.

After the BETA made landfall in Kashgar in 1973, they were first encountered by Communist Chinese forces, and later by Soviet forces when they began their push towards Europe in the early days of the conflict. While not under immediate threat from the BETA, the Swedes were unable to avoid conflict with them as they advanced towards Europe and eventually made contact.

Not wanting to face the BETA alone, Sweden became a member of the European Union and fought alongside its allies in a united front against the BETA in an attempt to stop them from taking continental Europe. Despite their best efforts, Sweden and the other mainland nations of Europe began to fall one-by-one as the BETA overwhelmed their defenses. The Swedish government was eventually forced to evacuate its citizens and abandon the country, relocating its key facilities elsewhere (possibly Greenland).



The Kingdom of Sweden is run by a constitutional monarchy government.

Armed ForcesEdit


A Gripen shown standing beside a Tornado at Yukon Base

Unlike most nations, which purchased early US-made TSF's such as the F-4 Phantom and the F-5 Freedom Fighter and began development from there, Sweden began it own TSF development with unique designs originally intended for use as fighter aircaft. All of these designs would be made by SAAG, Swedens main TSF Maker.

The full extent of Sweden's military has yet to be seen, with the only viable information being that Stella Bremer was a member before being transferred to Yukon Base to take part in the United Nations' XFJ Program as a part of Project PROMINENCE.

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