Exoskeleton with delicious human filling

(MLA) Schematic view of a Type-89 Feedback Protector, with an exoskeleton system and a Surface Pilot mounted inside.

Advanced technology has allowed for the manufacture of vehicles that mimic the bipedal nature of the human form. While similar in outline, these vehicles often serve to boost the strength and speed of their users, as in the case of exoskeleton systems, or are used to navigate precarious terrain.

Type-89 Feedback InterfaceEdit

The standard cockpit seat/piloting interface of all TSFs, the Feedback Interface can also function as a light exoskeleton system if the need arises.

Type-89 Mechanized Infantry ArmorEdit

A heavier exoskeleton system, the Type-89 is an auxiliary system used to supplement the Type-89 Feedback Interface for use by TSF pilots in emergency situations.

Type-89 Feedback ProtectorEdit

Time to buffalax

(Resurrection) Type-89, combat variant.

A combat variant of the Type-89 Mechanized Infantry Armor usually seen as part of a TSF's cockpit block systems, this variant of the Type-89 has been outfitted for combat use, with Jump Units, improved sensors, a .50 caliber machinegun and even an eight-shot rocket pod.

US Feedback Protector SystemEdit

A modern development of the Feedback Protector that most TSF cockpit blocks are armed with, this system is an exoskeleton system armed for combat against anti-infantry BETA strains. This US Army machine is armed with a 12.7mm heavy machinegun, flares, a portable missile launcher, and is equipped with small-scale Jump Units for boosted jumps under the increased gravity of Earth.

Multi-leg Transport VehicleEdit

For use as equipment mules during Hive infiltration.


  • The Feedback Protector and its subsequent variants were heavily inspired by the exoskeleton-equipped Mobile Infantry in the original Starship Troopers novel.
  • The Muv-Luv version of the US Forces' Feedback Protector shares a similar name to the real-life Hardiman.

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