Tanks kekekeke

(TE An.) From foreground to background: Jeeps, ARVs, and supply trucks of the Imperial Army.

Armies, like any other large organization, require an equally impressive logistics system to keep their forces well-armed, well-supplied, and mobile, and clear communication to ensure that the right orders are given at the right times. Vehicles in this section are dedicated to keeping the war machine running, to facilitate communications between command soldiers, or other purposes.

Japanese VehiclesEdit

Supply TruckEdit

Moshi moshi, kore wa yuu-enn desu

(MLA) Several supply trucks in support of a UN squad.

Large supply truck ferrying various types of supplies to locations that need them; several of them supplied Squad 207 during the 12/5 Incident. A variant exists that can carry the supply containers used by TSFs to rearm during combat.

Type-82 Combat VehicleEdit

A lightly armed and armored combat vehicle in use with Imperial Japan and UN forces stationed in Japan, the Type-82 also acts as as mobile command post for small groups of maneuver forces. A 12.7mm heavy machinegun offers a small measure of protection against smaller BETA strains.

Type-87 Transport VehicleEdit

A flatbed truck with facilities to transport a TSF via land, when flying is not feasible or not economical. Several of them were used by Squad 207 during the 12/5 Incident.


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