Lea Gegranne

Lea Chronicles 04 Fortified Suit

Nationality French
Features Long Blonde hair
Blue eyes
TSF Rafale
Game Appearance Muv-Luv Unlimited The Day After

Lea Gegranne is a character featured in Muv-Luv Unlimited The Day After Episode 03, where is seen as the commander of the 13th Tactical Dragoon Regiment. She was well known as a national hero to the French living in Canada, who praised her for her decisive attack on NORAD. As an influential officer in the French army, she was one of the advocates for the Sixth French Republic.

The Day AfterEdit

Episode 03Edit

A Major in the French army in charge of the 13th Tactical Dragoon Regiment, she lead the operation to capture NORAD in an attempt to rescue her people by taking control of the SHADOW anti-landing unit weapon system and holding NORAD and Seattle to ransom. This was also an attempt to wipe out the combined armed forces of the Japan-America Alliance should they attempt to retake NORAD.

Previously in the story an agent had taken control of OSP-1400, one of the orbital platforms that make up the SHADOW system, but required authorisation codes from NORAD to be able to launch the nuclear warheads. Major Gegranne's forces were able to capture the NORAD installation via the misinformation on their movements that the agent on OSP-1400 had supplied to NORAD.

After the nuclear strike went ahead but failed to inflict the damage they had hoped for, Major Gegranne's forces returned to Canada and the Sixth French Republic's enclave where she was branded a traitor by the French government to disavow knowledge of her actions. She did this willingly, as she knew that taking no action would have allowed 80% of the French and Canadian population to starve to death by the end of the next harvest. As a martyr, she sacrificed herself so that, win or lose, their people's voices would be heard by the US and Japan.

Lea was then handed over to US authorities to be tried for her crimes. Involved in the case was the International Human Rights Group.


"The territory doesn't decide the country.  The person decides the country......  It is necessary to make the best use of the people at any cost."


  • Lea's fortified suit displays the European Union Force badge on her right pauldron, meaning she originally served in France as part of the EU military before Operation Babylon. Her status in the Alternative universe, and whether she exists as the commanding officer of the 13th Dragoons is unknown, however, it is likely that she retains a similar position and rank as in The Day After.


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