Lise Hohenstein

Liz BDU 1
Lise, in her fatigues.

Liz Fortified Suit 1
Lise, in her fortified suit.

Lise bdu anime
Lise, in her fatigues,outline sketch for anime

Lise Stasi cutout
Lise in her dress uniform.

Birthday June 28, 1964
Nationality East German
Relations Theodor Eberbach (adopted brother)

Thomas Hohenstein (father)
Marlene Hohenstein (mother)

Features Blonde, long hair tied in ribbons
Blue eyes
Slim build
TSF MiG-21 Balalaika
MiG-23 Cheburashka
Voice Actor Yoshino Nanjō
Game Appearance Schwarzesmarken

Oberleutnant (1st LT) Lise Hohenstein is a character that appears in Schwarzesmarken. Theodor Eberbach's step sister, who was thought to have been killed by the Stasi 3 years ago. A TSF pilot previously dispatched in Eastern Europe, she is assigned to the 666th TSF Squadron as reinforcement, to make up for the injured Pham Thi Lan.

When she first appeared in front of Theodor, she immediately hugged him tightly with joy. However, Theodor couldn't express the same sentiments as he was shocked to see that his step sister was still alive and had become a TSF pilot. He thought this was too much of a coincidence and started to suspect her of being a spy for the Stasi but his love for her as a family member made him dismiss that possibility.


In 1980, Lise and her family were caught by the STASI during their attempt to smuggle themselves over the Berlin wall. During their interrogation, none of them would confess to their crime, until one Stasi official, Heinze Axmann, found Lise's weak point —— her adoptive brother Theodor. A few days later, after being raped and having photos of the act taken, the Stasi threatened to show the photos to Theodor.

Under pressure, Lise told them everything about the defection plan in order to keep Theodor safe. She was forced to joined Stasi and became a swallow (a female spy who uses her body to get intelligence), and later in 1981 she became a TSF pilot. In 1982 she was sent to serve frontier guard force and in one instance, she was forced to execute 20 people who wanted to defect to West Germany (including 2 teenagers and one baby).

Her TSF piloting skills were honed during the days she served the frontier guard force. This lead to her joining the Werewolf battalion. Beatrix Brehme promised to let her meet Theodor and free him, if she could help the battalion instead of helping Heinze Axmann.

Thinking about the days before, of how she was called a traitor, a prostitute and was never treated fairly, she chose to help Beatrix Brehme.

In February 1983, the Stasi decided to send Lise to the 666th TSF squadron. She managed to trap the 666th TSF squadron, giving Beatrix Brehme the chance to catch Irisdina Bernhard.


Fate Edit

Upon the destruction of the rest of the Borkwalde squadron, Lise was lured into a trap set by Theodor. She was hit by the reactive armor plating of Theodor's MiG's DS-3 Shurzen, destroying her TSF's head unit and ruining her optics. Theodor's second attack used the same shield to damage Lise's cockpit, crushing the outer frame and sending fire and shrapnel into the cockpit, hitting Lise across her chest and face.

Later, Theodor removed the cockpit seal and lowered himself down to Lise, who was mortally wounded and in hysterics over what she saw as a foolish mistake he made in trusting the rebel forces. Theodor thanked her for saving him from the Stasi and apologized for not being able to protect her from them, but said that it was finally his turn to save her, and that it was because he was her older brother that he had to it.

Taking out a pistol, Theodor executed Lise with a single shot.

Trivia Edit

Lise's route name and theme song is "Lost Heaven."

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