Sumika's Ahoge

00 Unit's Ahoge

Kasumi's "agaaaa"

Ralerstein's mustache... Ralerstein's everything, actually.

Hibiki's smile.

Brauer's face

That Destroyer-class BETA plushie



That fucking tree.

Origins of the Gag ArticleEdit

Miracles (Japanese 奇跡 "kiseki", Vietnamese phép lạ, East/West German Wunder', Russian чудеса "chudesa", BETA CHOMP'' "Ouch") is a blanket term used to describe the various little happenings and artifacts in the world of Muv-Luv Unlimited/Alternative that help to offset despair, or to appear to be so full of brightness and hope and courage and happiness AND GLEAMING TOWERS AND SPIRES AND I WOULD LIKE TO SEE THIS SECTOR BUILT UP AGAIN that it becomes a stark constrast to the otherwise grey, dreary and at times brain-stained string canvas of the Muv-Luv Unlimited/Alternative worlds.

While many things(look at the children, dawwww) can be a Miracle depending on personal preference, this does not give them a spot in this article nor stop them from getting offed by the BETA. If they survive their respective story arcs and are prominent in the storyline and receive great praise from the fanbase (no, merely liking a character design or claiming her as "waifu" will not qualify for Miracle status), they will be automatically elevated to Miracle status.

Dying will not strip them of their Miracle status. It might (stressing the importance of might), however, make them the subject of cruel jokes as a coping mechanism.

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