Luna-Teresia von Witzleben


Lunateresia Uniform
Luna-Teresia, in her dress uniform.

Lunateresia Fortified Suit
Luna-Teresia, in her fortified suit.

Lunateresia Swimsuit
Luna-Teresia, in her UN-issued swimsuit.

Birthday September 22
Nationality West German
Features Yellow irises
Short, shoulder length, green hair
Slim build
Very well endowed
TSF EF-2000 Typhoon
Voice Actor Nazuka Kaori
Game Appearance Muv-Luv Alternative Chronicles Aspiration

Luna-Teresia von Witzleben, Luna for short, is the daughter of the Witzleben countship. A compassionate and virtuous woman with an unusual sense of nobility and justice and a stubborn side. Supports Helga-Rose and Ilfriede, but seems to enjoy their troubles. Adept at information management and situational analysis, particularly in TSF related subjects, she may debate until morning. It's rumoured her passion is "to marry a TSF". Her cooking is considered poor enough to be "devastating to international affairs" and her driving is rough. The mass of her bust has been likened to that of Jupiter, leading to Seijurou referring to her as 'Hot Jupiter'.

Family Crest: Löwen


  • March 21, 2000: Assigned to UN Atlantic Area 1st Army Dover Base Federal Republic of Germany Army 44th Tactical Armored Battalion "Zerberus"
  • Assigned to 2nd Company Rot Squadron
  • Callsign Rot 8. Role is support positions, particularly Blast Guard.


  • In German, Witz and Leben mean Joke and Life respectively.

Image GalleryEdit

  • Jugs the size of Jupiter.
  • See you on the Euro Front
  • At the Pool
  • Thinking about her love interest(s)
  • Her B-Day 9-22 Finally!