The International Standard Warning Code is a universal system used by the various militaries of the world to alert pilots of the rapidly changing circumstances on the battlefield. Thanks to the IR system embedded in fortified suits, these codes are projected directly into the pilot's view. Pilots can turn the various warnings and their associated sounds off with a manual override located in their cockpit.

Code 413 Edit

Code 413 is the international code for an unexpected loss of communications with a pilot, relating to a training accident. It may also be used to refer to a TSF crash or pilot death.

Code 666 Edit

International Standard Warning Code that signals an impending G-Bomb deployment.

It was used in Operation Lucifer and during Operation Babylon in the Unlimited/TDA universe.

Code 811Edit

Code 811 informs of BETA in an unexpected area

It was used on the Muv-Luv Chronicles Vol.01

Code 991 Edit


In cockpit view of a Code: 991.

International Standard Warning Code that denotes that BETA have been sighted and are an active threat. Accompanying warnings can include Laser-class detection and altitude advisement. 

Trivia Edit

  • 666 is considered the number of the beast.

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