The loyal companion of Inia Sestina. Despite his softness, he is a vicious killer that only a Russian can tame.

It is said that if an army of Russian Bears were to assemble, they could easily stop the BETA within a week. However, they have chosen to remain neutral in this conflict.

The similarity is uncanny.

Origins of the Gag ArticleEdit

In Total Eclipse, Inia is often accompanied by an adorable yet vicious looking teddy bear; not unlike Kasumi's bunny.

Sakaki Chizuru appears to have adopted similar traits to those of a Russian Bear. This has been confirmed in by Inia herself, and the eyebrows are regarded as legendary.


  • Russian Bears are known for their fearsome warcries. Should you happen to hear their chants of "Fumoffu!", it is advised that you leave the area post-haste. At least vs the BETA you can count on the power of TSFs...

    Absolutely terrifying.

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