Their Air Services uses advanced, unused US Prototypes; that doesn't make sense...

The Grand Corporate Empire that the Mitsurugi Family owns in the Muv-Luv Extra Universes. It is known throughout the world and has various economic and political connections with world governments, and has an innumerable amount of subsidiary companies. The corporation has its own private army used to protect its employees and the facilities they operate; these soldiers have limited opportunities to deploy in developed countries, but have acquired special permission to build and operate training facilities within the borders of at least one sovereign state: Japan.

Meiya and Yuuhi are the heirs to this Empire. On their birthday, they spend almost the entire day receiving letters and other communiques from diplomats and other world leaders congratulating them, which has caused them to have a very different idea of what it means to celebrate the occasion.

Despite being one of, if not the most influential organization in the world, the Mitsurugi family in charge of the corporation are severely limited in their own free time, as well as their personal choices in who to date or marry.


  • The Mitsurugi Air Service uses the cancelled YF-23 fighter aircraft, the same aircraft that lost to the YF-22 that went on to become the F-22 Raptor in the US Air Force.
    • The private transport aircraft seen in the same image is the XB-70 Valkyrie , a cancelled strategic bomber project designed in the 1960's by the US government. This is a direct reference to the XG-70 Susanoo and the Valkyries squadron.

Image GalleryEdit

  • A member of the Mitsurugi honor guard, in ceremonial temple dress.

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