Get Raped By BETA - The Game 1

Get Raped By BETA

Muv-Luv Alternative: Faraway Dawn (暁遙かなり, Akatsuki Haruka Nari) is a hexagonal tactical turn-based game series set in the Alternative universe. The player is tasked with commanding Tactical Surface Fighter squadrons and armored vehicle companies against massive waves of BETA. The first game in the series was part of the Altered Fable fandisc, and its sequel was included in the Haruko Maniax fandisc.

Get Raped By BETA - The Game 2

Get Raped By BETA 2

In an apparent attempt to highlight humanity's poor chances for victory in the war against the BETA, both games are notorious for their punishing difficulty even the in the easiest difficulty level. As a result, it is commonly referred to in the English-speaking fandom as "Get Raped by the BETA: The Game."

A strategy guide/basic tips page for the game is available here.


The player controls TSF and armored vehicle groups on a hexagonal map against hordes of BETA. Some tiles contain difficult terrain, which could severely hamper or prevent movement, as well as ruined buildings and other obstructions that could be used as cover.

Gameplay is turn-based, with one player phase and one enemy phase per turn. Actions made by player units (inlcuding movement, attack and even such minor actions as changing facing or equipped weapons) are limited by their action points, which will grow as they gain experience. Player units are equipped with a variety of weapons that will damage different BETA classes in different manners. While TSFs have the ability to boost jump into and out of combat situations, the player must take into consideration the threat from Laser-class BETA.

Allied units can gain experience that will carry over to the next stage (or future games in Free Play mode), but casualties will also carry over to the next stage in Campaign Mode.

Featured UnitsEdit

Tactical Surface Fighters

Tanks and Armored VehiclesEdit