A side story to Muv-Luv Alternative that was bundled with the 2011 remake of Kimi ga Ita Kisetsu. The story details Michiru's background and her relationship with Marimo, while offering a more melancholic view of the Sadogashima arc.


The game takes place when Michiru (the leader of the Isumi Valkyries) is about to die in the XG-70 at Sadogashima. We see recollections of her past, starting from when she was enrolled as a Eishi, alongside her friends Chinatsu, Sonoko and Tsukiko.

At the time, Marimo was very demanding and emotional due to becoming an instructor after seeing all her comrades die. Michiru and her friends get brutally beaten by Marimo.

In the present, Michiru cries, saying things such as "have I become like you, Lt. Jinguuji?" and "I love you. I can finally say I love you without any hesitation," which she addressed to Maejima Masaki.

The rest of the story continues like it did in Muv-Luv Alternative. Michiru speaks heartfelt words to Yuuko, then talks to each of the squad members individually.

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