Rain Dancers is a short story included in the first volume of Muv-Luv Alternative Chronicles.


The story takes place in November 1995. It details part of the effort of a combined European force using the brand new test EF-2000 Typhoons to create a foothold in Europe by retaking parts of Italy from BETA control.

Due to the short length of the story, it doesn't cover the entire operation, instead opting to focus on three segments:

  • The launching of the protagonist group
  • A short skirmish with the BETA
  • A conversation between its principal characters Monica Giacosa and Hugh Winston, focusing on how the former wishes to return to her home in Italy once more, as well as reminiscing about a song she heard in her youth from a record her grandfather played.

It ultimately ends with the force being unable to neither create a foothold nor retake parts of Europe.


  • The song that Monica Giacosa remnisces about is very heavily implied by use of lyrics in furigana to be "Two of Us" by the Beatles, and those lyrics also serve as a thematic element throughout the story.

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